Land for Sale in Pastorano


Reference 10389
Price 9.643 €
Typology Land
Contract vendita
City Pastorano
Sq.m. 689
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

Residential building land for a total of 689 sqm for sale, located in Pastorano (CE), via Giacomo Matteotti. The land falls within the current non-substantial variant to the PUC adopted with Resolution of G.C. n.42 of 2019:- saturated residential area 10B6 in which increases in the settlement load are not allowed, only building replacement with the same volume and usable area, which is part of Section 3 of the PUA, is allowed.The 10B6 area mentioned provides: minimum lot for new buildings 500 sq m - if: 1.8 cubic meters / sq m; Rep. cop. max: 3/10; hmax: 10.50 m; n.3 floors above ground.These data are best described in the appraisal for each individual parcel of soil and in the attached CDU.These are uncultivated lands rich in spontaneous vegetation, they appear on the whole in a state of neglect.It should be noted that the agreement attached to the PUA expired in February 2020 and neither residences nor any of the urban planning standards (roads, aqueducts, sewers) have been implemented. On the other hand, it should be noted that the PUA has not lapsed, therefore the PUA of compartment 3, drawn up on the basis of the old Manufacturing Program, currently falls in zone B of the PUC currently in force and in the related NTA art.70.Total land area: 689 m2Particle 5459: 350 sq mParticle 5460: 249 sq.m.Particle 5461: 90 m2Full ownership of:Terrains (CT): Sheet 4 - Particles 5459, 5460 and 5461